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What's the Firepit Crew?

We're a group that's passionate about conservation of parks, forests, and wilderness areas around the world and environmental stewardship. We're animal lovers (and in some cases wildlife photographers). And of course, we're excited by the possibilities unleashed by web3 and the metaverse.

Hence, our three core values: #1 conserve our parks, #2 help fix the environment, and #3 bring new communities into NFTs.

Our plan to grow the community?

Firepit Crew NFT releases for high-visitation parks.

As animal lovers, we plan to center collections around the wildlife that brings our parks to life. The Yellowstone Crew (roughly) reflects actual animal populations in the Park, based on public National Park Service estimates as of 2021. E.g., 468 bison collectibles for 4,680 real bison, 10 wolf collectibles for ~100 real wolves—hence 10 editions of each collectible.

The methodology isn't perfect, but we think it's a fun and unique approach to rarity within the collection. We plan to follow similar logic for future park crews.

We also plan to launch collection challenges with digital and physical prizes. E.g., collect all the bison in Hayden Valley and receive a limited edition collectible like Firepit Crew-branded stuffed bison, hoodie, beanie, or a new digital collectible.

Make it easy for park visitors to buy Crew NFTs.

We'd like this project to introduce new audiences to web3. In our experience, NFT marketplace user interfaces are pretty challenging for people without blockchain experience (and even for some with experience).

As such, we launched a Shopify-powered store enabling easy credit/debit card purchases. Buyers can follow step-by-step instructions in their order confirmation to create a wallet and interact with their new collectible.

We launched the Yellowstone Firepit Crew on Polygon to avoid Ethereum's high fees, slow transaction speeds, and high energy consumption. We're bullish on Polygon in the long run, but will remain open-minded as the market evolves. For instance, we're fans of Solana/Metaplex and may launch future crews on that network, especially given planned/beta support on OpenSea and Facebook/Instagram.

Build a community passionate about conservation, the environment, and web3.

We'll start with engagement in our Discord community and promote the project across social media channels (links below). We're just getting started, so stayed tuned.

Down the road, we'd love to organize treks to national parks, real-life meet ups, and conservation / environmental fundraisers.

Note: Not officially affiliated with Yellowstone National Park or the National Park Service.


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