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UPDATE: Prints now in Yellowstone & Glacier Nat'l Parks

Unique park art

A National Parks art project with designs inspired by nature photography, contemporary art, and generative art. Designs available as prints, merch and limited-edition NFTs.

For Yellowstone, generative wildlife art where each animal portrait ties to 10 real animals across locations in the Park (e.g., 468 bison for ~4,680 real bison and 10 wolves for ~100 real wolves). The rarest animals in the Park are the rarest in the collection.

Build a collection

For Yellowstone, collect favorites, the rarest animals, families, whatever speaks to you.

We're also hosting giveaways for positive engagement with parks and rewards for collection challenges.

Up next from the Firepit Crew

First, partnerships with retailers and galleries in / around Yellowstone, so visitors can buy art in-person. Down the road, collections for other parks by new artists, dynamic collectibles, better build-your-own merch tools, and more.

shutterstock_1259862745-min (1).jpg

A perfect gift for the park and wildlife lovers in your life

Image by Alexander Kaufmann
Grand Canyon_Aberts Squirrel.png
Grand Canyon National Park


When an art collection is finalized, it's minted as non-fungible tokens or NFTs. NFTs are scarce digital items, enabled for the first time by blockchain technology.

Made possible by blockchain

Buying an NFT triggers an entry in a shared database that says your wallet owns a token; that token points to your image. Like Bitcoin, only one wallet can own a token at a time. Unlike Bitcoin, each NFT is unique, or non-fungible.

Can't you screenshot an NFT?

Sure—just like people can knock off Coach handbags and Nike sneakers. But, blockchain databases make it easier than ever to prove your NFT is authentic (and theirs isn't).

A project with values

The Firepit Crew was founded with three core values in mind.

#1 Conserve our parks.

#2 Help fix the environment.

#3 Bring new communities into web3.

How we plan to help

We plan to donate a portion of our proceeds to park-specific and conservation nonprofits (at least 20% for the Yellowstone Firepit Crew). We'll also offer giveaways for constructive engagement with parks (e.g., ranger program participation).

As applicable, we may seek official partnerships with nonprofits.

Image by Josh Carter
Yosemite National Park
Image by sterlinglanier Lanier
Zion_Mexican Spotted Owl.png
Zion National Park

In the works

A few possibilities on our roadmap:

More parks

We plan to launch inaugural Firepit Crews in other parks around the world—next up potentially determined by art owners.

To start, we're planning giveaways of new digital collectibles and real-world merchandise for owners.

In the future, we may create an owners-only forum and other "token-gated" content or perks tied to featured parks.


Collectibles that age, breed, and pass away just like real animals. If we develop dynamic collectibles, we plan to make the inaugural collectibles exchangeable.

Dynamic collectibles
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